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Discomfort with Temperatures

Receding gums are the most common cause of cold-sensitivity in teeth. The receding gums can expose tooth roots, which are covered with small pores (tubules) leading to the tooth nerve. When these pores come in contact with cold water or air, the result is usually painful. These pores can be less temperature-sensitive if sensitivity toothpaste is used.

Tooth Decay (Cavities)

When cavities become painful, they are most likely growing deep into the tooth and may be infecting the nerve space. If this condition persists, the treatment may be more than just a new filling.

Cracked Teeth

Discomfort from cracked teeth comes in many forms. Pain when biting down is the most common one. Increased sensitivity to temperature is also a common symptom. If a crack runs deep enough, it can directly inflame and infect the nerve space of a tooth. This type of crack may require a crown to restore the surface of the tooth, and root-canal therapy to treat the injured tooth’s nerve tissue.

TMJ/Jaw Joint Pain

There are many types of discomfort associated with TMJ/TMD. Painful mandibular (jaw) joints, muscle soreness, headaches, and limited ability to open the jaws are at the top of the list of symptoms. Causes can include nighttime clenching and grinding, past trauma to the jaw, and irregular bite patterns. Each patient has unique factors that can lead to this issue.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause pain when they are not able to fully erupt, typically due to lack of space. These teeth are often difficult to clean when in a partially erupted state, which can lead to inflamed gum tissues and cavities in these teeth. Most often, the only solution is to remove the wisdom teeth.


  • Dr. WEAVER and STAFF are the best around!! I have 100 % confidence in their knowledge and work that they do on my teeth..would never go any where but there!

    Shari R.
  • It’s the one Dentist team that I actually look forward to going too every six months. It actually puts a smile on my face. Get it, a smile on my face!

    Dennis M.
  • I don't leave reviews ever, so people listen up. This is the place you need to have your dental needs addressed. The staff is next to saintly, the quality of work is second to none, and as much as I hate going to the dentist, I actually look forward to coming here! Try it one time, you'll bring a patient there for life, enough said.
    Andrew M.
  • I have been coming to Eastpark Dental for several years. Most recently, I visited to have a cavity filled. As always, Dr. Weaver and his staff were friendly and professional, they did their best to make a necessarily uncomfortable experience as pleasant as possible, and I was in and out in under an hour. I would highly recommend their office.
    Jodi B.
  • Easy to schedule, friendliest office staff, equipment and tech that makes everyone’s job easier- especially mine! Very quick services, and the product (my teeth) look better than ever. Had some ancient dental work that Dr. Weaver painlessly removed and replaced with the latest and greatest stuff- my teeth look whole again
    Troy E.
  • Quality staff that makes you feel welcomed and comfortable. Good service and a very nice, organized, and clean facility.
    Albert B.
  • Not only is the staff at Eastpark Dental professional, but they always have a smile on their faces and are friendly. I feel as though I'm going to see old friends, rather than the dentist. No matter the procedure, they always make sure I am as comfortable as possible.
    Heather S.
  • Quick, professional, personal. 5 Star everything
    Bob D.
  • Another great visit with Dr. Weaver and his team! Very friendly staff, prompt service, and professional atmosphere. I highly recommend this dentist!

    Shawn A.
  • I would recommend them to anyone.
    Zachary C.
  • The cleaning was for my little one (4yrs old). Stefanie was so sweet, so patient and the job was done though with some clenching on my son's part through the process. It was awesome.
    Denise M.
  • Dr Weaver and his staff are wonderful! Kim at the front desk is both fun and professional at the same time. Everyone is friendly and really puts you at ease. Thanks for a great experience st a dentist office!
    Laura Y.
  • Dr. Weaver is fantastic and does impeccable work. Everyone in the office is always friendly and helpful. I wont go anywhere else. Ever!
    Lisa R.