Radiation Exposure

Over the years we’ve had some patients express concern about exposure to x-ray radiation when dental films are taken. We understand these concerns at Eastpark Dental and have invested in the best digital sensor technology. Our Dexis sensors allow us to turn down the power settings dramatically from conventional x-ray films by as much as 90%!

The below chart compares radiation doses from different sources.

Radiation Dosage Chart

In addition to lower radiation doses, our ability to diagnose problems at earlier stages has increased as well. Instead of looking at x-rays 2-inches wide, we can now enlarge our films to the size of our monitors and see details like never before. Patients like that they can easily see and understand what we see and how we intend to treat our findings.

While we do our best to limit the amount of radiation our patients are exposed to while in our office, there are many benefits to taking yearly x-rays. X-ray films allow us to see inside and between teeth to check for cavities, as well as the supporting bone and tips of tooth roots to check for bone loss, abscesses and other abnormalities. While every situation is unique they are the best tool we have to find problems at an early stage.

Baby Teeth – Why are they important?

Here at Eastpark Dental we usually start to see kids for their first dental cleaning around the age of 2-3 years old. It maybe sooner if a problem develops. After their first cleaning we’ll see them again in six months just like an adult.

One of the most common questions we hear, after we diagnose a baby tooth for a filling, is “Why do you have to fill a baby tooth? Won’t it just fall out eventually?” Yes, baby teeth will fall out but what we fail to realize is that premature missing teeth can result in the need for braces. Another reason to fill a baby tooth is that it can cause your child to have a toothache. Although we can extract baby teeth, missing teeth may cause speech problems and/or chewing function.

If you have any questions please contact our office!

CEREC – Transforming dental visits one crown at a time!

I recently attended a course on one of the most fantastic technologies in dentistry, CEREC.  CEREC allows us to optically scan teeth into a computer model and design precisely fitting crowns that are precision milled from porcelain blocks.  Patients who have not had crowns done this way are amazed by the process.  Most crowns are done in one visit.  This saves our patients the time of a second visit for cementing the crown and the trouble of wearing a temporary crown between appointments.


The Spear Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona has become the most prestigious facility in the America for Dentists to attend.  I am pictured there with Dr. Sameer Puri.  He is one of the foremost experts in computer aided design dentistry.


My next course there will be in November as I continue to train in this exciting technology.  Eventually we will be able to do aligner based orthodontic treatment with it as well.


Stayin’ Alive with CPR

Every year around this time we take a course in the latest CPR techniques. As health care providers we are required to be re-certified every two years, however, we believe a yearly review is in our and our patients best interest. Please enjoy some photos from this years training!

Our fantastic instructor Chris!

Our fantastic instructor Chris!

Kat, Jess and Kim Practicing chest compressions.

Kat, Jessica and Kim practicing chest compressions.

Stefanie, Kallie and Dr. Weaver practicing compressions.

Stefanie, Kallie and Dr. Weaver practicing compressions.

Stefanie working with an AED.

Stefanie working with an AED.

Kat, Kallie and Dr. Weaver practicing infant CPR.

Kat, Kallie and Dr. Weaver practicing infant CPR.

Stefanie, Kim and Jessica working on infant CPR.

Dr. Weaver watching Stefanie, Kim and Jessica working on infant CPR.

Jessica and Kim "saving" the choking babies.

Jessica and Kim saving the “choking babies”.


In case you are wondering what you could do to save someone’s life, here is a short instructional video courtesy of the American Heart Association.

Welcome to Eastpark Dental’s New Blog

We’re so happy you stopped by.

We decided to start a blog as a way to inform our patients about the latest technologies we offer and how they will benefit you, advanced training our staff attends, dental procedures we offer, tips for a healthy mouth and more!

At Eastpark Dental we believe that the more our patients know the better our relationships will be. We welcome you to ask questions and leave comments either here on the blog or at your next appointment and to suggest any topics you would like to learn more about. As always, you can also learn more about us on our website or ask us questions through our online contact form.

Some upcoming topics will include:
-Technology which has greatly improved how we treat and restore teeth.
-3D imaging and how it helps us care for you better.
-Implants (replacing missing teeth)
-Advanced training we are receiving
Check back soon!